The neat thing about Shield the Badge program is that it doesn't cost anything and anyone can pray for the officer.  

One thing that frustrates officers is when a parent points to an officer and tells their child that if they continue to misbehave, the officer is going to take them to jail.  Officers want children to know that they are someone the child can trust and someone that they can go to when they are scared, lost or needing help.  Participating in the "Shield a Badge" program and getting the children to pray for an officers safety is a great way to build a strong bond with a police officer. 

Chaplain Harold Elliot

Arlington Police Department

Shield a Badge with a Prayer

NO - Promises beyond PRAY EVERY DAY
NO - Phone calls or emails

NO - Soliciting

NO - Demands from Officers

NO - Favors extended

NO - Pushing self on Officers

NO - Money involved

NO - Collections

NO - Exchanges

One Year Commitment

A note or post card(s) during the year letting the officer know your name and that you are part of the "Shield a Badge" program. 

Guidelines for Starting a

Shield a Badge Program

The goal of the program is to involve all of the community in a common commitment.  This is to be a daily prayer for the SAFETY, GOOD JUDGEMENT, and A SAFE RETURN HOME for each officer.  Thus the name "Shield a Badge".  This is an opportunity to show support and help for our officers.


  • Commitment by the citizen / prayer sponsor is generally for ONE YEAR.  A daily prayer offered up for the safety on an assigned officer is all that is required.  There is no prescribed prayer or wording that must be used.
  • The Officer's name and badge number will be given to the participant.
  • Communications with the officer will be limited to a card or note several times a year, letting them know you are praying for them.  It is recommended that the card mentions the Shield a Badge program.  Seasonal cards are welcome but no gifts. 
  • There should be NO attempt to make personal contact with the officer and NO emails.
  • If an officers leaves the force, the prayer person will be notified and assigned a new name / badge number. 



  • A Liaison is needed from each church or civic organization.
  • This person will maintain a "Sign up list" that includes the names, address, phone number or email of the person interested to participate for the one year commitment.  This information is needed if an officer leaves so the prayer sponsor can be contacted. 
  • The participant will then be given an officers name and badge number to be prayed for.  If a specific name or badge number is requested, than that name and number will be given out (even if the officer already has a prayer sponsor).  
  • This is a "revolving" type of commitment.  If the participant wishes to withdraw from the program, another per on will be assigned to this officer.  
  • A copy of the sign up list with the participant's information and assigned officer should be given to the Shield a Badge coordinator to insure all officers are adopted out. 

Operation Expense:

  • There is no real operational expense for the Shield a Badge program.
  • The participant is responsible for the cost of mailing a card if they choose to send one. ​