"Those officers put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe; the least I could do is say a prayer for their safety" - Mrs. Houters -prayer sponsor 

"I know my family was praying for me but when I received a card from someone else (another sponsor), it really made me proud to be a police officer" - Officer Mitchell

Brother's Pete and Pat "secure" Tim because he was the first one to go into Law Enforcement

There is Power in Prayer

Shield a Badge with a Prayer

"It was comforting to know that someone else was praying for my son" - mother of Officer Kruckemeyer

"In a time when police are so often criticized, observing awful things or working long hours - just receiving a personal note made the day a little brighter!" - Officer Brock

"Knowing that someone would take the time to pray for me who dosen't even know me, was very powerful" - Officer Minton

"I was the first officer on the scene of a person with a gun call.  When I arrived, he put the gun down and no one was hurt.  I knew my prayer sponsors prayers were answered"  - Officer Moreno 

"We felt very special to pray for two officers, a husband and wife."  -

Mr & Mrs Buckholts -prayer sponsors

Not sure how to pray or what prayer to use, don't despair.  Just talk with God respectfully and openly.  Prayer is a conversation with God.  

When praying, do not worry about how the prayer is phrased.  Pray for others whenever you think of them (at work, home, doing chores, in the car). 


A prayer for a Police Officer can be as simple as "Dear Lord, please keep Officer ______ safe today".